Earn Thousands of Miles and Get Wine for $6.99 Per Bottle

Most of us in the miles and points community hear about Vinesse Wine Club frequently. This internet based company offers tempting points bonuses for signing up for the wine club. The standard offer is to give you your first 6 bottles for $6.99 per bottle and wave the shipping charges. You get a varying amount of points depending on the program us sign up with. Most of the offers give you a certain amount of points for your first shipment, and more points after your second or third shipment. So your cost is $41.94 for 6 bottles of red, white, or mixed wine with free shipping.

These are the points programs that currently have lucrative offers:

United Mileage Plus - 2,000 miles after 1st shipment, 4,500 miles after your 3rd Shipment

Aadvantage American Airlines - 2,000 miles after 1st shipment, 3,000 miles after your 2nd shipment

Alaska Airlines - 2,250 miles after 1st shipment

Delta Airlines - 1,500 points after 1st shipment

Spirit Airlines - 5,000 points after 1st shipment

Hilton Honors - 3,333 points after 1st shipment

Club Carlson - 5,000 points after 1st shipment, 7,500 points after your 2nd shipment

Priority Club - 4,000 point after 1st shipment, 5,000 points after your 2nd shipment

I live in a state where wine is quite expensive. I cannot buy even the cheapest wine on the bottom shelf for $6.99 a bottle. So for me get a variety of wines for $6.99 a bottle is a great deal on its own. As for the overall quality of the wines included in the initial shipment, my opinion is that it is hit or miss. Some wines are decent and quite drinkable, others aren't so good. I frequently bring these along for various parties or as simple gifts.

In my opinion the wine is not good enough to wait for the 2nd shipment at full price plus shipping. The second shipment comes in at around $108+$20 shipping = $128 for 6 bottles or over $21 per bottle. I can find some pretty nice wines on my own for $21 a bottle. Even with the added points for the second shipment given with several of the offers it is not worth it for me.

I am currently in the process of testing this, but I think it is possible to get multiple offers from Vinesse. I have been succesful in signing up for a Club Carlson and an Alaska Airlines in less than one week. I received 2 boxes of wine and my credit cards were charged $41.94 each for 6 bottles of wine.

If you want to sign up for multiple offers you will need to use a different email address. If you don't have several email address and if you have a gMail account you can simply add a period in your email address and it will still arrive at the same inbox. So if your email address is johndoe@gmail.com you can use john.doe@gmail.com.

Make sure to enter different rewards account numbers. I have not confirmed this yet. It may be possible to get multiple for example Delta Airlines bonuses for the same frequent flier number.

For now use different rewards accounts. You can use your own account the first time, perhaps a spouse's account the second time. I have multiple Club Carlson numbers for personal and business use so I could sign up for two Club Carlson bonuses.

I also use a slightly different name for each account. My first name is Timothy so I use Timothy on the first signup and Tim on the second signup.

There is a lot of information out there about how Vinesse is pretty shiesty when it comes to quickly sending out a second shipment or making it difficult to cancel your membership. Here are some tips to getting around that.

As soon as you receive your first shipment, log into your account using your email and the temporary password provided to you in an email. On the right side up the page you will see a link that allows you to delay your next shipment. You can delay shipment for at least two months out. This gives you time to make sure points from the first shipment post to your account. Once the points have posted call and cancel your account.

Let me know your experiences with Vinesse. Post any questions in the comments.

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