$22.50 Off Any Hotel, Flight, or Rental Car

I came by a post on Flyertalk that mentioned a discount at the German AMEX travel website. Apparently, all you have to do is enter the promo code "jetztamex" at check out for a 20 Euro ($22.50 USD) discount on any booking. This has the most value for areas with low cost hotel rooms. 

I checked it out myslef, I found that the promo code work even when the hotel night only costs $24. My total cost after the discount was less than $1. Many of these deals have a minimum cost for a book like $50 or $100. This promo code does not require any minimum price. You have to use an American Express credit card to get the deal. I'm getting ready to try some bookings for an upcoming trip I have to Thailand. Check it out!  Let me know what success you have.

A New Twist on the Up to 10,000 Club Carlson Points for a LifeLock Membership

Many of the travel blogs have been posting recently about the promotion with LifeLock for up to 10,000 Club Carlson Points for a membership. LifeLock is a identity protection service that for most of us in the miles and points world have little use for in my opinion as we regularly check up on our credit reports and open credit cards. Regardless, I still think this deal has value.

This is how the offer breaks down:  There are three levels of service

  • Standard ($8.99/month) - Bonus 7,500 Club Carlson Points
  • Advantage ($17.99/month) - Bonus 8,500 Club Carlson Points
  • Ultimate Plus ($26.99/month) - Bonus 10,000 Club Carlson Points
Although the offers says 30 day free trial the first month free trial was not available when I went to the billing page. I currently have a claim out requesting that LifeLock extend the 30 Day FREE trial to me. As of right now, your credit card will be billed automatically. I will post an update when I get a response from LifeLock.

You are required to have the service for 31 days in order to get the points. The objective would be to cancel your account after you have met the terms to receive the Club Carlson points.

If you want to maximize the value of this offer you will want to sign up for the Standard Service which is $8.99/ month. You will be required to pay the $8.99 when you first sign up and again on day 31 for the next month bringing the cost up to $17.98 for 7,500 Club Carlson points. The cost per points is $0.0024 per point so about 1/4 of one cent per point. Many people is the points world value Club Carlson points at around 1/2 a cent per point. So this offer enables you to pick up 7,500 Club Carlson points for half cost.

In my opinion signing up for this offer really only makes sense if you currently have a US Bank Club Carlson Credit Card which extends 2 night free on award bookings which basically cuts the cost of an award night in half for every two day booking. As a result I always book Club Carlson awards for two day bookings.

Category 3 hotels which there are a reasonable amount of cost 28,000 points per night. With the 2nd night free benefit a category 3 hotel is 14,000 points per night. If you paid 1/4 cent per point you would pay just $35 for a free night, a really great deal!

On another note, I just successfully signed up for a second US Bank Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa Signature credit card.  I receive 85,000 points after spending $2,500 in the first 3 months.

I received the second credit card even though I currently have the same exact credit card already open. This is great news! I already have both personal and business versions.

Free $10 at JCPenney when you spend $10 +

Very simple offer for JCPenney. Text "FB" to 527365 and you will receive a code for $10 off a $10 or greater purchase in store only. Offer is good until 2/14/15 so you have some time.  Looks like just one sign up per phone number. I was able to sign up twice. Once for my cellular phone and a second time under my google voice phone number. Looks like it's free socks for me!

Hat tip to DansDeals for originally letting on to the deal.