How to Earn the Most Miles and Points

The fastest way to earn free travel is through generous credit card sign up bonuses. This is the primary tool for earning travel rewards. Rewards credit cards offer generous bonus for spending certain amount of money in a limited period of time often 90 days for account opening.

Credit card bonuses are not the only way to earn bunches of reward points. Manufactured spending is another way. Manufactured spending is when you artificially create credit card spending that you would not normally make. Usually this means turning credit card purchases back into cash through the use of prepaid debit cards for example. If you are able to do this with bonus categories for example 5x points for purchases at office supply stores with the Chase Ink Bold and Chase Ink Plus credit cards than you can quickly rack up a substantial number of points. I will discuss in detail methods of manufactured spending in future posts.

One of the more obvious methods for earning miles is actually paying for airline tickets and receiving miles for the distance flown. I earn virtually 0 miles using this approach because it is my goal and mile habit to never actually pay for an airline ticket with money. My goal is to earn enough miles to pay for all my airline tickets with miles that I acquired for almost free.

The Frozen Travler: What's it all about

This will be the first post for the new Frozen Traveler. I have been increasingly engaged in the hobby of getting great travel deals to help fund my world travels. I am always learning more and more. I want share my experiences with friends and family so that they can also enjoy the benefits of travel hacking. Travel hacking for me includes everything from signing up for credit cards, manufactured spending, utilizing travel resource websites, understanding airline and hotel reward programs, and everything else related to getting free, nearly free, or heavily discounted travel.

There are many blogs out there that focus on travel hacking, and this blog will also talk about the best ways to get free, nearly free, or heavily discounted travel. What is different about this blog is that I will do it with the focus for people living in Alaska. That is not to say that this blog will not have value to individuals residing outside of Alaska. Living in Alaska offers unique travel challenges that are most often not addressed or even considered by mainstream bloggers. I will focus on travel deals that have value to Alaskans or those traveling in Alaska.