[DEAD] Improved Offer for AMEX Platinum Credit Card - 25,000 Points, $450 Fee Waived

Unfortunately this deal is no longer available. The best offer for teh Ameriprise Amex Platinum Card is a waived annual fee for the first year with no bonus points.
Last week I wrote about the available offers for the The American Express Platinum Card. The current publicly available offer gives 40,000 membership rewards points, but does not waive the $450 annual fee. At the time there was an offer for Ameriprise customers, but reports show that anyone can get the deal that waives the $450 fee, but does not come with any membership rewards points.

Now the Ameriprise offer has improved and now gives 25,000 Membership Rewards Points as well as waives the $450 fee for the first year. One of the greatest parts about the offer is that you can add up to three authorized users and they get the same benefits with exception of the $200 yearly airline rebate. I originally reported that this benefit cost a $175 fee for up to three additional users. The Ameriprise offer waives the $175 fee for adding authorized users. This means four people can get free Centurion Lounge access, Delta Lounge access, and Priority Pass Select which comes with United Club Lounge access as well. This really makes this a no brainer.

American Express Platinum Card Benefits:
$200 Airline Rebate - Every calendar year (Jan - Dec) you get a $200 airline rebate. You chose which airline you want to receive the credit for when you sign up. Officially, this is for things like baggage fees, upgrades, beverages, etc... Although, many people have had success purchasing airline gift cards directly from the airline and receiving the rebate.  So this benefit actually comes out to $400 total. If you get the card in December you can get a $200 rebate in December and another $200 in January.
Airport Lounge Access - One of the most touted benefits of the Platinum card is the access to airport lounges including Delta SkyClubs. This lounge access also includes Priority Pass Selects which grants access to over 600 airport lounges in 100 countries. This benefit only applies to the card holder and guests cost an additional $27 fee. Amex also has its own Centurion Lounges, with locations in Las Vegas, Dallas, San Francisco , and New York with new lounges coming to Miami and Seattle in 2015. Centurion Lounges are consider the crem della crem of airport lounges. 
Global Entry or TSA Pre-Check Application Reimbursement - Card holders can get reimbursed for the $85 cost of TSA Pre-Check or $100 cost of Global Entry.
Starwood Gold Status: When you have the card you can call Starwood and request free Starwood Gold Status. Read about the benefits here.
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