$22.50 Off Any Hotel, Flight, or Rental Car

I came by a post on Flyertalk that mentioned a discount at the German AMEX travel website. Apparently, all you have to do is enter the promo code "jetztamex" at check out for a 20 Euro ($22.50 USD) discount on any booking. This has the most value for areas with low cost hotel rooms. 

I checked it out myslef, I found that the promo code work even when the hotel night only costs $24. My total cost after the discount was less than $1. Many of these deals have a minimum cost for a book like $50 or $100. This promo code does not require any minimum price. You have to use an American Express credit card to get the deal. I'm getting ready to try some bookings for an upcoming trip I have to Thailand. Check it out!  Let me know what success you have.

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