How to Stay for Free at Amazing Places with House Sitting Sites

There are a few great sites out there for getting hooked up with an awesome house sitting gig. TrustedHouseSitters is one of the more popular sites out there. There are some really amazing spots. Some places are like mansions.

I originally stumbled upon this site by taking a look at fellow travel hacker/blogger Travis at Extra Pack of Peanuts. Travis has more experience with using sites like these.

House Carers is another house sitting site to consider if you are thinking about trying to do some housesitting.

There are some barriers to this idea. The first is the membership cost. TrustedHouseSitters charges $71.97 for a three month membership. House Carers is cheaper at $50 for a one year membership. Also just because you sign up for the sites doesn't mean you will get a gig house sitting. It is very important to have a well developed profile and a compelling story.

If you are willing to put in the effort this could make an awesome adventure and a great way to significantly reduced the cost of travel.

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