$30 OFF Hotel Booking with Travelocity. No Minimum Purchase

Travelocity has just released a new promo code of $30 off a hotel booking with no minimum spend. Use code TMOBILETUESDAYSTRAVEL.  You add the coupon code when you get to the payment page just above or just below where you enter the credit card information.

  • Appears this is only good for bookings in the Americas including the US, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, and South America.
  • This is good for bookings between February 28, 2017 and December 31, 2017.  The terms seem to show that the code will be valid through July 31, 2017, but I kind of doubt this code will last that long.  
  • This will only work on Pay Now reservations. If it is a budget hotel that only accepts pay when you stay, then the coupon code will not work.
  • The code will work on hotels that cost less that $30 before taxes, but the coupon code can only be applied to the actual room rate, and not the taxes. So if you boom a room for a rate of $25 that has $6 in taxes and fees for a total of $31, you will only get $25 off.

This is a great deal especially for a budget travelers. Find hotels that cost as close to $30 as possible and only pay the taxes. Remember to use a cashback portal for the possibility of getting of getting more back.

Round Trip Honolulu to Osaka Japan for $258 or to Kuala Lumpur for $358

Airasia the budget carrier based in Kuala Lumpur will begin flights to and from Kuala Lumpur and Osaka to Honolulu. There promo rates are starting at just $129 one way to and from Osaka. And $179 from Kuala Lumpur. It is actually the same flight that stops in Osaka for 1.5 hours either direction. From Osaka, you can use high speed trains to travel around Japan. Once you reach Kuala Lumpur Airasia offers an extensive networks of flights to every major Asian destination, for cheap. Flights to Bangkok or Singapore, or Hanoi regularly cost on $50. This represents a great deal for those of us from Alaska.  We have direct flights from Anchorage to HNL.  You could vacation in Hawaii as long as you wanted then fly on to Japan or Malaysia. This opens up the opportunity for Alaskans to get to Asia more direct than flying through Seattle or another gateway city.