$1 Per Day RV Relocation Rentals Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Sanfransico, Iowa, Australia, New Zealand

Apollo RV is offering special $1 per day RV relocation rentals when you pick up the RV in one location and drop it off at a different location.

Some of these deals even include a free tank of fuel. I look at the regular cost of renting and the cost averages more than $200 per day.  There are some really awesome deals like:


Las Vegas - San Francisco $1/day plus $250 free fuel
Los Angeles - Las Vegas  $1/day plus $250 free fuel
Iowa to  Las Vegas, Los Angeles,SFO, or Denver $1/day for up to 12 days


Perth to Brisbane  $1/day
Melbourne to Perth  $1/day
Cairns to Darwin  $1/day plus $100 free fuel

New Zealand

Aukland to Christchurch  $1/day plus $250 free fuel.

These deals are awesome! Especially in countries like Australia and New Zealand where rentals are very expensive. Just another way to travel very cheaply if you have the flexibility!

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