Last Minute Hotel Apps

The Last Minute Hotel Apps are a recent development in the travel world.  The phone apps release discount hotel rooms the morning of the hotel stay. So obviously very last minute. The cities included in these websites are limited to larger cities, but if the city you want to stay in is included you can get some really great deals last minute. You can often book more than one night.

Hotel Tonight

This is really the market leader in the last minute hotel room apps and the first one. The only way to view the hotel rooms available is to download the mobile app. Hotel Tonight has hotel offered in most major cities in the U.S.A and around the world. Their room offerings tend to be on higher end and thus fairly expensive. They advertise giving deep discounts from the regular rates. You are able to book more than one night but you have to include the current day in your booking. If you want to sign up you can use my referral code THILLYER1 and get a $25 credit. With the credit it could make sense to use it once.

Hotel Quickly

This is another mobile only app. The cities are restricted to Southeast Asia and Oceania only. Inlcuding Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Phillipines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Macau, Taiwan Australia, and New Zealand. They offer some really great rates. Much of the Southeast Asia is quite budget friendly. I found that with Hotel Quickly you could get a three star hotel for the price of a budget hotel. I saw rates for three star hotels as low as $12 USD. I'm headed for Southeast Asia later this year and I plan to use Hotel Quickly once I get there. Use promo code THILL to get $15 off your first hotel.


Another mobile only app. This app offers last minute hotels for Asia only. There are some good deals on hotels. I found that Hotel Quickly offers more budget friendly options than In2Nite, but there are a few budget friendly options on In2Nite as well. Some hotels in Bangkok were selling for $37 USD for a three star hotel. You can use my invite code to get $10 in free credit. Just enter this code after you download the app. inv-53968417d89c7


Hotel Tonight is the only App that is good for the US or any area outside of Southeast Asia and Oceania. If you plan to visit Southeast Asia, you can manage to stay in some very nice hotels for budget hostel prices.

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