Cash Back Portals: You Should be Using them for All Your Online Purchases

What are cash back portals?  They are shopping portals that offer cash back to the buyer just for linking to a particular site through the portal. It is as simple as that. Most portals offer 1% or more cashback for a large number of websites.

Before you make any purchase online including, hotels, rental cars, airline tickets, office supplies, sporting goods, anything; you should first go to both of the sites. Start by searching these sites for the retailer that you want to shop at and see which shopping portal offers the most cash back or points.
These sites will show you which portal is offering the best cash back. From there you can go to the particular cash back portal and search for the website that you want to shop at again. Link to the site through the cash back portal and save!

I was able to find 7% cashback at REI. I found 5% back from Walmart. 5% back for Target. Get 3% back at Amazon. Most web retailers will be included in shopping portals. It would be more surprising to find an online retailer that was not included on a cash back portal.

I stayed more than 100 nights in hotels and guesthouses in 2014. I saved a lot of money by using cash back portals to link to sites like and

There are a large number of cash back portals out there. Here is a list of the more popular cash back portals. To get yourself organized here are links to sign up. Once you sign up you can add your different accounts to Awardwallet to keep yourself organized. In fair disclosure, I do receive referral bonuses for some of the links.

BeFrugal  Earn $5 for Signing up
Ebates  Earn $10 Gift Card for Signing up with this link
Big Crumbs
Mr Rebates Sign up and get $5 after first purchase
Simply Best Coupons  $5 bonus on your first order

So to recap. Before you purchase anything online, first got to:
Find the cash back portal giving the highest cash back. Go to that particular cash back portal, sign up if you haven't already,and find the retailer you are looking for in the cash back portal. Link to your retailer through the cash back portal and save!

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment. I enjoy hearing from readers!

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