Update to the Best Travel Insurance Worth Getting

Yesterday I published a blog post titled: The Best Travel Insurance Worth Getting. Today when I went to update some links in the post I discovered that the Trip Deluxe travel insurance plan with Allianze Travel Insurance was no longer available and their product offering had changed. What are the odds that the day after I post about a particular product they changed the program. Fortunately not all of the changes were for the bad, infact some of the changes make the new Classic Plan with Trip + an even better product than before.

Allianze is offering four different travel insurance plans: Essential Plan, Basic Plan, Classic Plan, and Classic Plan with Trip +. In my opinion the first three plans do not offer much and the Classic Plan with Trip + is the closes plan to the original Trip Deluxe plan that was previously offered. Classic Plan with Trip + offers:

The best part is that the price is less. For the plan with a trip cost of $500 and for people 30 years old and under the plan is only $39. Where the old plan was $48 per month, this plan costs just $39 for an entire year! A three month trip originally would have cost $48 x 3 = $144, now it costs just $39 for trips up to one year in length. The premium amount goes up as age increases. For people 31-40 years old the price is $45.

The biggest difference between the old plan and the new plan is that the old plan included a $50,000 collision/damage waiver. The new plan does not include this benefit.

As before there is no cost savings for having multiple people on the same policy so it is best to have a different policy for each person.

There are more popular travel insurance programs including World Nomads. I price quoted a one month policy with World Nomads and it came out to $110 for one month coverage and $161 per month for the more robust program. The cost was three to four times as much as the Allianz Classic with Trip + plan.

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