[EXPIRED] Best Travel Insurance Worth Getting

Over the past two and a half years I have spent more than one year of that time outside of the United States traveling. Since my first long term overseas travel adventure I have been using a little know travel insurance program that offers great benefits for a very affordable price. I discovered this travel insurance at my local AAA office. Allianze Travel Insurance offers several different travel insurance products. My favorite and the one that I chose every time I travel out of the country for an extended period of time is TripAssist Deluxe.

TripAssist Deluxe offers a wide variety of excellent travel insurance benefits including:

 When I was traveling with TripAssist Deluxe, I had more medical insurance coverage than I did when I was at home in the United States because I did not have coverage because I had quit my job. The best part is that it only costs $48 per month for trips up to $500. That means it only covers prepaid expenses up to $500. This is never an issue for me because I usually only book a one way ticket and only the first few days of my hotel stays are every per-purchased. Even that the trip amount is only covered up to $500 you still get the $2,500 baggage coverage as well as the $1500 trip delay coverage. All of the other benefits are included as well up to the listed amounts. The $500 trip amount is the minimum. There are also no benefits for having multiple people on the same policy so it is best to have a different policy for each person traveling.

There are more popular travel insurance programs including World Nomads. I price quoted a one month policy with World Nomads and it came out to $110 for one month coverage and $161 per month for the more robust program. The cost was two to three times as much as Allianze Travel Insurance TripAssist Deluxe policy.

In order to get the best value out of the TripAssist Deluxe policy it is best to have a 30 day policy. A 15 day policy costs the same $48 as a 30 day policy. The policy gets prohibitively more expensive for trips over 30 days, so all you need to do is get multiple 30 day policies. Just have one policy pick up where the other 30 day policy ends. I have taken out four policies covering a four month period at one time. Basically two different 30 day policies will cost less than one 60 day policy.

Also the policy premiums will start to climb slowly for those people over 50 years old. A policy for a 50 year old was just $3 more at $51 per month.

You can purchase a policy online or visit your local AAA office to get it set up.I would highly recommend grabbing the Allianze Travel Insurance TripAssist Deluxe policy before your next big trip, I know I will.

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