Top Four Free Hotel Credit Options

Here is my list of the top four deals for earning free hotel credit. Planning on booking a hotel room in the near future. Use these deals to save big money on hotel bookings.

Hotel Engine

$25 free hotel credit with Hotel Engine is a new hotel booking site that is still in Beta. They are offering a referral program that gives $25 free credit for anyone who is referred to sign up. The referrer gets $25 when the referred makes their first booking with the site.

Many bloggers are posting about this deal. I have a different twist on Hotel Engine. You can get multiple $25 free credits. You can first sign up with my link. Then use your own referral link to refer yourself with a different email address. Don't have a second email address? No problem. If you have a google account, you can just add a period plus other characters to the beginning of your email address. Google sees it as the same email address. So if your email address is you could use Continue the same process of referring yourself and get as many $25 sign up bonuses as you want.

As you start to use the $25 credits from your referred accounts, the referrer account will receive the additional $25 after a booking is completed. You can earn $50 per account!

Right now you can sign up with TopCashBack shopping portal and earn $14.00 cash back on every booking with This method for earning $14.00 cashback by linking to through the TopCashBack shopping portal has recently hit the blogging world. I don't expect this deal to last very long.

TopCashBack is a website that offers cashback for retail purchase just for linking through to the site through their cashback portal. TopCashBack shares the referral commissions that they receive from the retailers and passes some of that on to you.

With this deal it is possible to get free or almost free hotel nights in certain parts of the world where accommodation is very cheap. This would include Southeast Asia, parts of South America, and Eastern Europe.

There is no minimum spending or minimum number of nights. It will take several weeks before the cashback is deposited into your account.

This will only work the US site. In order to get in on this deal first sign up with TopCashBack. Then search for within the TopCashBack site. Link through to and book your reservation. In order to get the most out of this deal you will want to make multiple single night bookings so that you will receive $14 for each booking.


Receive a $25 free hotel promo code for signing up with Orbitz. There is $50 minimum purchase before taxes. Still a really good deal. Only for first time sign ups. It is possible to refer yourself with multiple email addresses.


Get $35 Hotel Credit when you make a minimum $200 before taxes. When this offer first came out there was no restriction on the minimum in order to use the credit. This can still be a great deal for the right situation. It is possible to refer yourself with multiple email address and receive the $25 referral credit for yourself. Officially for first time users only.

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