Ridiculously Cheap Cruises as low as $129 for 4 Days

I never really considered taking a cruise. I always thought of cruises as an expensive option when compared to independent budget travel. I stumbled upon the Vacations to Go website and specifically the 90 Day Ticker. I was very surprised by how affordable many of the cruises were. I find that in many cases the cost of the cruise is much cheaper than what you could traveling independently for the same period. Many cruises are less than $50 per day per person. In many locations such as Alaska, the Caribbean, or Mediterranean transportation, food, and accommodation are likely to add up to a lot more than $50 per day per person.

I found rates as low as $129 for a 4 day cruise.

Note you will have to sign up by email before you can view the cruises at Vacations to Go. And no I do not get any affiliate commissions for any of the links in this post.

The 90 Day Ticker as the name would suggest shows all of the cruises departing within the next 90 days. This is where the best deals are found. Obviously the short time frame does not work for some people, but if you have the flexibility to just up and go with less than three months or even one month notice you can score some really cheap cruises.

Another of my favorite links at Vacations to Go is the Re-positioning Cruises. Re-positioning cruises occur at the end of a cruise season when a ship is moved from one region to another. I have found many great deals leaving Florida in the spring traveling to Europe. Many of these trips can be had for around $50 per day per person. In some cases, it would be cheaper to take the re-positioning cruise than to pay for a one way flight.

If you are willing to look into it, you could reasonably travel on a re-positioning cruise from one part of the world to another for less than the cost of the flight to the same destination.

Remember that the cruise package covers all of your food on board. If you want alcoholic beverages they cost extra. In my experience, I have just brought my own alcohol on board with me. The cruise line will tell you that you are not allowed to, but it is not illegal. Just bring it on with your luggage when you first get on. Keep it out of sight in your room and you won't have any problems.

A few examples of the cheap cruises that I found:

$299   7 Day Alaska Cruise - Anchorage to Vancouver, BC, Canada  8/11/14
That is only $43 per day

$569   8 Day Australia Cruise - Sydney to Sydney  11/11/14
That is only $72 per day

$129    4 Day Bahamas Cruise - Miami to Miami  9/22/14
Only $33 per day

$219   7 Day Caribbean Cruise - Puerto Rico to Puerto Rico  8/17/14
Only $32 per day.

$529    11 Day Re-positioning Cruise - Copenhagen to Miami  10/6/14
Only $48 per day.

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