[EXPIRED] Free Hotel Rooms with Hotels.com - Seriously !! Act Quick

Holy Crap! I think this is possibly the best hotel deals I have ever seen! This is not a joke!  Right now Hotels.com  is offering amazing coupon codes that will pretty much bring your cost down to $0 for a night stay. The discount applies to 3,4, and 5 star hotels only.

You get:
  • 3 Star Hotels - $30 Off with coupon code 3STARUS
  • 4 Star Hotels - $40 Off with coupon code 4STARUS
  • 5 Star Hotels - $50 Off with coupon code 5STARUS
This deal is available to book only until August 31, 2014 for stays between 8/15/14 and 12/31/14. So the deal is available for hotel bookings until the end of the year, but you only have until 8/31/14 to make your reservation.

If you want to get the best value from the coupon codes to get almost free rooms, visiting certain destinations such as Las Vegas, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Eastern Europe. You will only have to pay the taxes. I found many rooms available for only $1 - $5 per night.

In order to maximize the deal you will want to make single night bookings only. If you want to stay at the same place more than one night just make multiple bookings for the same place.

To add the coupon code. Do a hotel search for the area you want to stay. I usually search from price low to high and include only the 3,4, and 5 star hotels. Select Book now for the hotel you want to look at, then select book room. You will see a place to enter the coupon code on the right hand side before you have to enter any personal information.

The terms of the offer restrict the hotels to only participating Best Rate Guarantee hotels, but from my experience most of the hotels offered on Hotels.com  are in this category.

If you plan to stay multiple nights I assume you could just book many single night bookings one after the other.

Right now I am so mad at myself that I am working right now and not out traveling! This deals means I could get three and four star hotels for almost free until the end of the year!

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Original posting courtesy of Extreme Hotel Deals.

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