How to Earn Free jetBlue Points and Free Safeway Gas Rewards

Want to earn free jetBlue Points every month? Want to earn free Safeway Fuel Rewards Points? This is about the easiest method for earning jetBlue Points and Safeway Fuel Rewards Points for absolutely free.
For those of you who don’t know, jetBlue is a budget carrier based out of New York. Although they are based out of New York for those living in the Pacific Northwest, JetBlue flies from Anchorage – Seattle as well as Anchorage to Portland. Take a lookhere for a full list of JetBlue routes.
Safeway Gas Rewards can be very valuable. For every $1 you spend on groceries you get 1 gas reward point. For every 100 points you earn you get $0.10 offer per gallon of gas purchased at Safeway or Chevron gas stations. You can use a max of 1,000 gas rewards points at one time for $1 off per gallon up to 25 gallons. So there is a max savings of $25.00. This means that you have to have a vehicle that holds at least 25 gallons are get 2 vehicles lined up at once. I recently purchased an older RV, I get $25.00 worth of value every time, and I’ve already saved over $100 on gasoline in the last 2 months.
So how do you get Free JetBluePoints and Free Safeway Gas Safeway Gas Rewards? The basic idea is this. You buy Safeway gift cards online at after linking through with the jetBlue Amazon link.JetBlue has partnered up with Amazon to offer 3x TrueBlue points for every dollar spent at Amazon. After you receive your Safeway Gift cards by mail, you go to your local Safeway and buy the same amount of Amazon Gift cards. You earn 2x Gas Rewards points at Safeway for gift card purchases. Once you had the Amazon Gift cards you can add them to your Amazon account. Then use the Amazon Gift card balance to buy more Safeway gift cards via the jetBlue Amazon link.
A few things to note. Amazon only sells $100 physical Safeway gift cards and there is a $300 weekly limit per Amazon account. So basically unless you get creative, you are limited $300 at a time. This also means that you have a $300 float. Meaning the first time you buy Amazon or Safeway gift cards you will have to use your actual money.
How it breaks down if you buy $300.  Per rotation you would earn 600 Safeway Gas Rewards. Enough for $.60 offer per gallon. Based on 25 gallons that is worth $15.00. You would also earn 900 TrueBlue points worth an estimated 1.41 cents each based on this post by Doctor of Credit. So those 900 points are worth around $12.69 for a total value of $27.69 per rotation between the JetBlue points and the Gas rewards.
It takes a couple of days before the Safeway gift cards from Amazon actually ship (Shipping is free). Shipping takes 5-7 days. I am reasonably able to do one rotation every 10 days. So I earn 1800 Safeway Gas Rewards points and 2700 TrueBlue Points every month. So $45 worth of Gas rewards and $38.07 in TrueBlue points per month which is 21,600 or $540 worth of Gas Rewards and 32,400 or $456 worth of TrueBlue Points per year. Not bad for very little worth of work.
I was able to find flights for as little as 5,100 TrueBlue points one way from Portland to Anchorage.
Ok, so there is a lot to put together in this post so here is a step by step process.
Step 1 – Sign up for a JetBlue TrueBlue account here. (if you don’t already have one)
Step 2 -  Sign up for a Safeway Just4U account here. (if you don’t already have one)
Step 3 – Sign up for an Amazon account. (if you don’t already have one)
Step 4  - Here you have two choices to start with.
  1. Go to your local Safeway and buy $300 worth of Amazon Gift Cards. Make sure to enter your Safeway ID or phone number associated with your account in order to get the 600 gas rewards points. I generally buy $100 Amazon gift cards, but it does matter what value you buy.
  2. Log in to your Amazon Account the click on this link. Click the “SHOP AND EARN” button which will take you to Amazon. Search “Safeway Gift Cards.” You should see $100 (physical not eCards)  Safeway gift cards for sale. Add 3 to your cart and purchase with your credit card.
Step 5 – Depending whether or not you started with Step 4A or Step 4B go to the other step. If you  started with Step 4A then take your $300 worth of Amazon Gift cards and load them to your                  Amazon account. Try this link. Then follow step 4B to purchase 3 $100 Safeway giftcards using your Amazon Gift Card Balance.
Step 6 – Once you receive your Safeway Gift cards in the mail, take them to your local Safeway and buy 3 $100 Amazon gift cards. You can swipe one Safeway card at a time at the POS. The POS will automatically drain the full balance of the card. Then you can swipe the next card. No need to tell the cashier that you are using a Safeway gift card to purchase Amazon Gift cards.
Step 7. Repeat Steps 6 and 7 continuously.
Amazon limits you to 3 $100 Safeway gift cards every seven days. If you want to earn even more points you could buy $300 worth of Safeway gift cards every 7 days. This would require that you float a total of $600 between Safeway and Amazon gift cards, but would let you earn up to 46,800 JetBlue points every year for completely free.

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