Save 50% on Cattle Company (Black Angus) Gift Cards

I am seeing that the gift card app GiftMe is offering Cattle Company (Black Angus Steakhouse) gift cards for 50% off. These are egift cards that are delivered immediately to your phone app. A great way to save on diner or just drinks.  Cattle Company isn’t my first choice in a restaurant, but 50% off is a good enough value proposition that I jumped on this offer myself. You can combine this with signing up for their Prime Club rewards program which sends you a free dessert to use immediately and a free steak dinner on your birthday to your email. You can search other decent promos on the web.  If you combined the free steak dinner and the gift cards you could be getting as much as 75% off.

To find these deals I used Gift Card Wiki to find the best deals on gift cards.

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