$14 Cashback with Booking,com through the Topcashback portal is DEAD

I am currently traveling in Southeast Asia and I have been using this deal where I login in to my Topcashback account then link through to booking.com. I have received $14 cashback for every booking that I have made since I have been in Southeast Asia for the last 12 days. I wrote about this in an earlier post. Check it out here. I have been able to get the discount for every night because I have made a different booking for each night. If I want to stay in the same hotel for a second night I use my partners Topcashback account to make a second booking for the following night.

This morning I went to Topcashback to link to Booking.com to make another reservation when to my surprise I could not find Booking.com as partner with Topcashback anymore. Apparently, this deal is dead. It was working great for us as we were staying in many hotel and guest houses that cost only $25 USD or less per night. After the $14 cashback we were really only paying $11 or less.

Good deals come and go. Fortunately, I was able to take advantage of this one for a while before it ended. Did anyone else use this deal?

After I found that the offer through Topcashback had been shut down, I found a similar offer with Mr. Rebates offering $10 back per booking with Booking.com. So this deal is $4 less per booking that it was through Topcashback, but it is still a great deal for areas with budget hotels.

If you haven't already sign up for Topcashback and Mr. Rebates. There are some really great cashback deals out there. You can check out the post I did on cashback portals to learn why you should sign up for cashback portals here.

Mr. Rebates

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